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LIPP Engineering is an engineering company, located in Graz, Austria. We offer comprehensive services for mechanical engineering and particularly analyses and development of combustion engines.


Throughout the design phase, the provided simulation services allow an optimization of engine concepts in terms of efficiency and power output, as well as a deeper understanding of the thermodynamic processes within the engine. Ideally, these simulations should be performed prior to time- and cost-intensive hardware tests. In addition to the development of new engine concepts, we also offer analyses of existing aggregates, which do not comply with modified objectives regarding emissions, consumption and power output in order to determine necessary measures to achieve performance levels in accordance with the changed priorities.

Our portfolio applies to all combustion engines and their application ranges (generators, automotive, marine, etc.).

More information regarding the simulation services:

Software development

Lipp Engineering supports your software development  and offers customized and application specific solutions:

    • CAE: customized desktop applications for various design processes
    • Testbed Automation
    • Measurement data acquisition
    • Measurement data evaluation
    • ECU communication

LIPP Valvetrain

The valve lift is a key parameter for the achievement of the targeted engine performance. When designing  a valve lift, there are several restrictions, which have to be considered to guarantee the demanded lifetime and rpm-range. In geometrical terms, the design of the valve lift is restricted by the distance between the valves as well as the clearance between valve and piston, whereas on the mechanical side it is important to consider the mechanical stress (contact pressure and the stiffness).

By means of our software LIPP Valvetrain, we design valve lift curves according to your specifications regarding the opening times, lift, ramp length, ramp height, symmetrically or asymmetrically or by the definition of your target-valvelift, while taking into account all given boundary conditions.




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